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KIDS WHO CODE (Online Programme)

Have your children experience the power of coding!


At TEN Habitat we fundamentally believe that building the future of our region and driving innovation means exposing our youth early to the amazing world of technology and leadership. If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it is that we need to be creating more digitally savvy systems. To do that however, we need to be developing individuals with the skills to make it possible. And we need to start now!

Our KIDS WHO CODE initiative helps kids from as young as 7 years old to build a foundation for their future by learning to code. We use the language of code to teach kids the principles of creative thinking, problem solving, team work and leadership. We help them explore their curiosity by helping them uncover what it possible through code. Youth between the ages of 7 and 15 years old learn core programming and leadership concepts through engaging games and immersive exercises. All taught in a live virtual classroom.

Our programs are now semester based and starts for those who have never experienced it with a FREE introductory week.

What do you Learn?

Start creating with code!

The tools used by KIDS WHO CODE encourage students to practice creating and collaborating. Students design their own levels, games, and characters using Real JavaScript!

  • Be able to make Mazes for classmates to solve

  • Build Characters and more using JavaScript

  • Build games using JavaScript

  • Share and play creations with classmates

We make learning code fun and easy! Move from Symbols to JavaScript and Python

The approach used helps students learn the most popular programming language in the world - JavaScript! KIDS WHO CODE build a solid foundation to gradually make the transition from with symbols to actually writing code. 

  • Learn advanced concepts in a game environment

  • Cover variables, data types, objects, classes, and properties

  • Concepts account for the beginner to the experienced

Semester Schedule

Students are broken into two categories: Beginners and Advanced.


Beginners: Students who have never coded or had limited exposure.


Advanced: Students who have coded before and can demonstrate an understanding of the various coding concepts. Advanced students must be evaluated prior to being included in the advanced classes.

Beginner Class Schedule

Mondays & Fridays (16:00 AST - 18:00 AST)

• Intro to Coding concepts and learning the basics

• Intermediate Coding concepts

Advanced Class Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays (16:00AST - 18:00 AST)

  • Learn advanced concepts in a game environment

  • Use variables, data types, objects, classes, and properties to develop games and websites

  • Use machine learning to develop chat bots and complex games

  • Build out various gaming and other solutions using JavaScript and Python


Semester 1: January to Apr 31st

Semester 2: May to Aug 31st

Semester 3: Sept to Dec 31st


Registration Open for Semester 2 and 3. 



Beginner Semester

Learn the fundamentals to transition


Advanced Semester

Build on principles to create amazing products and solutions

Programme Fees

Beginners: $150USD (Per Semester)

Advanced: $350USD (Per Semester)

Frequently asked questions

Is the class delivered virtually?

All students are able to access live virtuall training on their select days working on an ipad 2 or higher running ios 9.0 or higher,Or any laptop running the latest version of Google chrome browser.

Can I combine any of the four days?

Days are structured in accordance with the material being delivered and the level of the child.

What if I would like to register multiple children?

For multiple registrations you can save $25USD per child on the registration if the children being registered are siblings or related

What if my child already codes?

Students with prior knowledge of coding will be streamed into the more advanced classes to further their learning. However, they must be assessed prior to being allowed into the advanced classes

Can I pay for my registration online?

Yes you can. during the registration of your child you will be directed to a pay now link to remit your payment online. All invoices are billed in Barbados dollars but are priced in US dollars for the convenience of those applying outside of the island