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You Are More Than Enough!

 Build and Scale the business of your dreams while designing the live you deserve 


Become a TEN Sisterhood member to gain access to a global community of entrepreneurs and experts, committed to helping women succeed and thrive in life and in business.

Through coaching, mentorship, networking and training, we support women to address their well being, while developing every aspect of their business (from idea to execution and scale). 

This is a place where no women ever ventures alone.

The Employee 

wanting the power to manage your own time and financial freedom 

The Aspiring Founder

that knows her potential and wants

to take it to the next level

The Side-Hustler

who desires to make your

hustle a full-time Business

The Entrepreneur

ready to make a bigger impact

in your Business

Activate your superpower as a woman and learn how to use it to excel

TEN Sisterhood activates the natural power and confidence resident in every woman by helping them learn from each other through:

  • Powerful conversations with other women from around the world to learn from their journey

  • Refining your messaging through coaching sessions so you lead with passion and clarity

  • Explore your inner talents with self work sessions

  • Build businesses that leverage your innate skills

We have created a space for like-minded women to come together and develop their Personal, Professional and Business Success.  This is the Community that you have never had but always wanted! 


On your journey to be more, you deserve supporters who give you more!

In over 14 years of TEN Habitat helping entrepreneurs, we have come to realise that

women are given a raw deal when it comes to business, but are in fact

the real deal when it comes to transforming businesses.

We started TEN Sisterhood to help women thrive in life and in entrepreneurship.

We embrace a wholistic approach to supporting women use their inherent value

to create a successful, sustainable Business.

Friends Taking Selfie

You Deserve More

More than the fancy talk shops, pretenders and outdated approaches 

We focus on results and helping women navigate all aspects of business and personal development. We take a wholistic approach to helping you start and scale your business while building skills to be resilient and successful

Online Conference
Female Entrepreneur

TEN Sisterhood is perfect for you if...

You feel like you are meant for more than you are doing but you are stuck.


You want to do what you love but have others depending on you and you are afraid it will not turn out well.

You are trying to build a business but feel lost and frustrated as it all seems so overwhelming.


You desire financial independence and are tired of procrastinating and ready to move forward!

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Get Help Getting Funded

In 2020 women founders received less than 2.3% of all global venture capital funding. Black women founders received less than 0.06%.

We help you break the barriers of funding to understand how to spot and address implicit biases and design fundable ventures

Network with Entrepreneurs and Innovators

TEN Sisterhood is not only a Community, it is a Movement! 

Join us to find like-minded people to connect with, share and grow! 

We offer you More

You have access to:


Well-being and mindset coaching

Finance coaching and Mentorship


Networking, Relationship building and Value Creation


​Finance, marketing, branding, legal, leadership, pitching, social media and more


Discounted access to special Business Accelerators

One-on-One online Mentorship

Networking events

  • Sisterhood Community

    Every month
    • Conversations with Sisters ~ Keynote speaker series
    • Monthly Networking Meet-ups
  • Immersion

    Every month
    3-month Support programme for women
    Valid for 3 months
    • Financial Guidance
    • Mindset and Mental Health Support
    • Business coaching and Startup Support
    • Mentorship

For further information please contact us at: or call 1(246) 621-7355

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