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We believe, like any living thing which requires a nurturing environment to grow, entrepreneurs are no different. It’s why we created TEN Habitat


We Are The Caribbean

Startup Ecosystem

Our Partners

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TEN Habitat is a non-profit designed to reflect the essential elements of any habitat found in nature: Food, Water, Cover and Space. We have replicated these essentials in the overall design to best support the needs of the Caribbean entrepreneur.


Mentorship and guidance for entrepreneurs to validate, develop and grow business ideas.



Funding to help launch and expand ideas into thriving enterprises.



Co-working space and innovation hub to meet, share, innovate, learn from others and build community



Media coverage to share and celebrate the stories of entrepreneurs and their companies.




TEN Habitat is the response to a growing need for a more inclusive approach to how Caribbean startups are supported and funded.


TEN Habitat focuses on developing investor-ready startups by exposing them to a range of hands-on support that is all about building businesses. Our global network of experts, mentors and coaches help founders move their ideas from concept to reality and then we mobilize the diaspora to invest in those businesses.


We pride ourselves on building a supportive community around Caribbean entrepreneurs that allows innovative ideas to emerge and be transformed into viable ventures capable of attracting funding.

We believe in nurturing the growth of entrepreneurs, the way nature nurtures’ its young- In habitats.

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