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2023 Entrepreneur Programmes

The work of TEN Habitat is focused on building stronger, viable ventures run by more resilient entrepreneurs trying to develop the mindset and value-set to go beyond their current situations.

Our programmes are broken down into four categories: Idea Stage, Startup Stage, Growth Stage and finally the general programmes which can easily apply to any stage

The Idea Stage
For all those aspiring entrepreneurs trying to build something that matters but need the help figuring out the right path


The Start

This is a two day bootcamp which helps individuals with ideas to structure them into viable ventures so they can begin testing and validating their concepts. It's everything you need to get you started without the hassle of the unnecessary


Problem Framing

This is a very unique 1-day workshop which helps persons wanting to get into business but are unsure where to focus and how to settle on that winning idea. This is the workshop that gets your head in the right place so your start can be on the fight foot.


14-Day Idea Accelerator

Navigating from idea to business can be daunting. This intensive 14-day accelerator takes individuals with just ideas through a process of progressing their idea to the point of venture structuring. We remove the confusion and guess work.


Startup Stage
For all those with early stage ventures already in operation


14-Day Startup Accelerator

This highly intensive accelerator takes entrepreneurs from where they are to market and revenue in just 14 days. Best for ailing startups needing to fix quickly or entrepreneurs wanting to take their existing startup to another level.


Startup Sales Bootcamp

This is a 3-day bootcamp that runs in the evenings and takes founders through a hands-on process of building more effective sales approaches to drive increases in revenue. Best suited for businesses with a sales history and wanting to go further


Costing & Pricing for Startups

The art of costing and pricing is a function of broader business strategy. This 3-day bootcamp looks at the business strategy of the startup and takes entrepreneurs through a very hands-on process to help them arrive at more effective costing and pricing strategies


Growth Stage
For all those ventures more than 4 years old ready to move to the next level

Stand-up Meeting

Hybrid Accelerator

The premier entrepreneur programme of TEN Habitat, entry is only through application and selection.  Over eight months founders are exposed to everything to help them become investor-ready and scale their ventures


14-Day Sales Accelerator

From identifying the ideal client to building an effective sales funnel to building loyalty this sales accelerator is best suited for exiting companies needing to move their revenue to another level with more strategic guidance


Growth Hacking

Now that you are at a certain stage in your business you want to be able to create and seize on opportunities to take you even farther with your growth.  This 5-day workshop is an insiders guide and practical training to pursuing growth at scale

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