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Rethink The Office

We have responded to the complexities of work-from-home and remote work by moving beyond the ‘office’ to deliver a personalized and seamless corporate experience for employers and employees. From reception, office furnishing and meals to childcare support and technology, we have created an integrated model with the flexibility companies need and the comforts employees are demanding.

Welcome to the new remote corporate experience

Art Class

Worry-free Child care where you work

With an in-house dedicated early childhood development programme, parents are able to focus on their work while knowing their child is in a well structured development programme


Professional Setting with a difference

Individuals are able to have access to boardrooms, private meeting rooms and open or private workspaces in a professional environment with a supportive and diverse community


Everything Included

From meals to technology individuals simply show up to work and everything else is taken care of. We have made working remotely stress-free and incredibly flexible. From daily to monthly packages you find what works best for you.

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