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Unleashing the potential of Caribbean founders

Why TEN Habitat?

As a Caribbean founder myself I understand firsthand the challenges entrepreneurs in our region face.  We designed TEN Habitat to help Caribbean startups the way we believe they all should be supported -- In a nurturing environment powered by a global community, shared mutual understanding and tangible support. This is where entrepreneurs come to grow!

Selwyn Cambridge

Founder and Executive Director

TEN Habitat Inc

Find the Accelerator best suited for you


Hybrid Accelerator (8 months)

We created the Hybrid Accelerator with the clear understanding of what Caribbean founders need when trying to build and quickly scale a business. Entry is only through our special bootcamp

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14-Day Accelerator

Designed to move business from idea to market or stagnation to progress in 14 days. This is an intense bootcamp designed only for those who have all the ingredients to make meaningful progress in 14 days. We help you speed it up!

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Social Enterprise Accelerator

Doing well while doing good is what this special accelerator is all about. We work with charities, civil society and non-governmental organisations to help them use startup principles to quickly build sustainable ventures to carry out their mandates.

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