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Building community around startups


It's all about our Community

We at TEN Habitat have developed a global community to help support and build the capacity of Caribbean Startups.  We believe that the same way it takes a village to raise a child it requires a community to build a business.

Being part of our community opens you up to:

  • Mentorship at all levels of your business

  • Access to international experts

  • Ability to work along with coaches and experts to develop your business

  • Access to affordable work spaces and meeting places

  • Ability to learn from other entrepreneurs and to reduce your own learning curve

  • Amazing opportunities to network and build alliances

  • Access to funding opportunities

  • Ability to gain global perspectives on what you are doing

  • More than just training we actually work on building your business along with you

  • Access to amazing startup development programmes to get you investment-ready

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