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A supportive community for helping women founders navigate the journey of entrepreneurship and building successful businesses


This is the place where women will never venture alone!

We have experienced the struggles of female founders and have decided to respond.

We designed a 3-month purpose-built programme with a membership-based community designed to support women through personal, career, financial and business development.  A sisterhood which combines diverse mentorship, deep collaboration opportunities, access to funding and immersive workshops to help women-led ventures grow and thrive.

Helping women founders navigate the journey of entrepreneurship and building successful businesses

List of Support Programmes


Every Monday, we dedicate time to focusing on the mental well-being of women founders. Working with counsellors, life coaches and clinical psychologists, mindful Mondays provide a safe space to tackle tough topics & issues affecting the progress of women entrepreneurs


Spotlight Fridays shine the light on members’ social media presence to provide constructive feedback from experts on their digital strategy. Every week, different featured members benefit from real-time feedback on how they are doing on the various platforms they use. 


Every other month women get to participate in14-day accelerators focused on specific themes. It pushes the learning and execution envelope for women entrepreneurs and is an excellent way for women entrepreneurs to see progress while learning and growing in intense 14-day sprints. 


Equipping women with the tools to understand their power and intrinsic value, Self work is a 4-week intensive intervention. As a member you learn how to build and fine tune the elements needed for business success as a female founder.  From business visioning, personal branding and owning the spaces you occupy, this is all about you and your dream.


Every week we dive into critical business topics and give members the opportunity to learn from other women through startup stories.  It is all about women sharing with other women to help empower them and lift them up along their entrepreneurial journey.


Helping women founders address inefficiencies in their sales approach and process. Every week, members come together to share, collaborate and work on specific sales development goals in a supportive setting. From understanding sales strategies and tactics to increasing conversion rates and creating a sales funnel


Pitch In helps women founders learn the art of business pitching. Whether for a prospective business partner or an investor, acquire the skills for improving your business presentation while promoting your venture and receiving instant feedback on your business and pitch.


Learning from others is the power of community. Every quarter, TEN Habitat brings together inspiring and successful women from around the world to participate in themed talks which draw on amazing life experiences to help educate and motivate other women on their entrepreneurial journey.

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