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How Good Conversation Can Boost Business

Having a really good conversation or two in business can be as effective as networking as a valuable method to boost your business. The only difference is that it’s possible every day. What’s more, not only will these fulfilling conversations boost your business as you share your story with others and why you do what you do, but you can learn immeasurably from others and thus expand your own knowledge and network all at the same time.

TEN Habitat strongly recommends really taking the time to engage in frequent and value-adding conversations with other entrepreneurs, as this will help you build an expansive and sustainable business network and market yourself continuously. Check out how good conversations can boost your business by reading on.


When you place yourself in a position to engage others in good and genuine conversation, you are also increasing your business’ visibility and putting it in a position to be noticed; especially if you are recently starting out. Attend business and social events as often as possible and actively seek out meaningful conversations. Building your reputation as a knowledgeable and promising business person by the conversations you have is important and being even more eager to learn from those around you is invaluable.


Literally the most obvious benefit of having a good conversation often, is the increase in business you can expect to receive from referrals. Word of mouth advertising is probably the most effective, yet inexpensive method of marketing available to you where you are more than likely to increase clientele through referrals made being that they will ensure your business is kept you ‘top of mind’.


Connections are so important in the business world: you just never know what you could be missing out on by passing up the opportunity for a good conversation. Making relevant connections is truly a lifeline for your startup – they can prove to be vital as you aim to establish yourself early on and look to continually boost your business thereafter; not to mention, in a business’ most trying times, good connections can be the greatest support.


Don’t be misled, great advice is not only found in writing – some of the best advice you can receive is from the like-minded business people around you who are living and breathing the business world with you. Don’t be afraid to tap in to their advice and learn from the expertise they hold; it gives you an opportunity to learn just about everything – from surviving the stress of running a startup, to marketing, expansion, profits and even their personal tips on how to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Take advantage of their wealth of information, just be sure to engage the right people with solid experience instead of those just looking to give their opinions.


There is an abundance of opportunity to be found within a group of motivated business owners. When you get out there and network, you open yourself up to some great opportunities not otherwise easily accessible. Your ability to connect with some highly influential people can bring with it endless opportunities for your business, including partnerships, sponsorships, investments, new clients, free marketing and much more! Be careful not to accept just any opportunity that comes your way. Stick with those which meet and align best with your business’ vision.


If confidence was not a large part of your personality before, it is sure to be after you have pursued a few really good conversations! The increase in confidence you can achieve from simply pushing yourself to converse, even when you don’t necessarily feel like engaging people, is amazing. Unwavering confidence is also necessary for a successful business, as it will be largely dependent on you engaging others and making connections to prosper. The more connections you make, the more it will benefit you. For those just starting out who are perhaps feeling nervous starting up the conversation, try following a standard outline to help you feel at ease; of course, you can expand or alter them as you go, but soon you won’t even need them!

Use open-ended questions as these are always a better choice to keep a conversation going. Some good open-ended questions in conversation are:

“Tell me, what made you decide to get in to your field of work and start your business?”

“What does success look like for you?”

“What is your advice on building valuable customer relations?”

Remember to place as much consideration and personal thought in to your conversations and be genuine: this makes people more comfortable, open and happy to share with you.

You can practice your conversations at any of our TEN Events, which we hold weekly to help our entrepreneurs connect and grow. You can find out what’s happening at The Habitat on our Events page: www.tenhabitat.com/events

When you seek out good conversation, it’s not only about the conversation you will have at that moment – those you engage will have their own existing connections that may become available to you down the line. So don’t hold back! Get to talking and see how just one great and genuine conversation could really boost your business!

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