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Building Community Around Your Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need a strong community to thrive, especially when their businesses are in the early stages with small budgets, and the ability to advertise is minimal. Creating or joining a larger community is a brilliant tactic for growing your business and attracting not only loyal customers, but positive attention too. Check out our helpful suggestions for growing your community. Read on!

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are a very simple way to encourage return customers and entice a sense of loyalty to your business. Almost any entrepreneur can find a way to execute this kind of program in their business and thanks to technology, it is super easy to track the resulting customer loyalty. You can set up your program for both online and offline purchasing and really get creative with your rewards system and the rewards offered.

Online Community

One of the best features of social media is the reach that is possible at little cost. Utilize your Facebook and Instagram pages well to gain momentum and build your community. If you find it suitable for your business, you may want to consider a YouTube Channel or a blog to connect with your audience on a more personal level. The key to building a strong community is quality content - not just advertising your products or services. Be interactive - have your readers participate in mini contests, fun surveys or content suggestions which help you learn more about them in return. Be informative: give as much free information as possible and on a regular basis, even before it is requested from your followers. Take time to wish your following a great day or even to just to caution them about safety in bad weather. Never leave your audience feeling like they are being ignored: answer messages in your inbox quickly and address complaints efficiently and effectively; nothing creates loyalty more than feeling important as a customer.

Training and Advice

Whatever your business, there are current and potential clients who will want to learn more, guaranteed. Consider hosting one day workshops, online tutorials or even speaking at relevant events several times a year. Depending on your business, you may want to develop and post your advice or training in videos which you can then promote continuously.

Partner Up with Other Businesses

Strengthen your position and build community further by partnering with others. This includes with businesses in the same field (even if they are your competitors!), and with those that compliment your business well. When you partner with other business owners, everyone benefits. This has been a key reason behind TEN Habitat’s Global Community—The ability to surround entrepreneurs with support for them to grow. We wanted to ensure that entrepreneurs in our community can get access to helpful and invaluable support such as professional mentorship, advice from international experts, access to affordable work spaces, training from fellow entrepreneurs, amazing networking possibilities, funding opportunities and more!

To learn more about the becoming part of the TEN community will click here: www.tenhabitat.com/pricing

The benefits of community building are unlimited and soon you will be coming up with your own ideas to continue building! Remember, your business is not just a product or service, it is an essential cornerstone and an integral part of your community on the whole.

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