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We believe that every Caribbean youth deserves the right and the means to realise their full potential but unfortunately very few are able to. Together as a region we can help change that and make the brilliant ideas of many a reality. Just imagine if 10,000 of us from across the diaspora came together and gave $100, we can achieve a goal of raising $1 million dollars to support the dreams of hundreds of aspiring innovators to help them change for the better the region we love.

About 10,000 Strong


We in the Caribbean have a tradition of coming together to support our own. And today every young person who calls the Caribbean home needs our support to be given the chance to create their impact on the region we all love. We are seeking to mobilise 10,000 of us who lived, grew up or still call the Caribbean home to simply donate just $100 in order to raise  $1 million dollars to empower a generation to transform a region.  Let's show the world that we are more than just a collection of small islands.

Today very few primary or secondary school students in the Caribbean are taught to code. Youths predominately are not exposed to coding until university! Their ability to dream big and know that there is an avenue in the region to realise it is not a widely believed notion for them. Every day when we open our doors at TEN Habitat we encounter another Caribbean youth with a great idea or an exceptional talent in search of realising their dream. Most of them are limited by their circumstance. Together we can help!


  • We need to equip our disadvantaged dreamers and innovators with the tools and means to really make a difference.


  • We need to expose our at risk youth to the power of technology from much earlier.


  • We need to give our teenagers the hope of knowing there is a place they can explore their crazy and innovative ideas and get the support they really need, despite their circumstance.


  • We need to make it possible for the young adult looking to impact his or her community with a social cause to find supportive funding to make it a reality.

Together we can open an avenue to make a distinct difference in the place which has given us so much!


Together we can have an impact


We can impact an entire generation to change for the better the Caribbean we love. And to do so we have identified some very specific goals.

No amount is too small, and as part of the Caribbean collective we can achieve the following:

  1. Fund the training of 1000 at-risk youths in software development and business creation skills

  2. Fund the training of 40 unemployed youths to become Software engineers and

  3. Fund the ideas of 40 at-risk youth innovators to help them realise their dream


$100 USD can mean a big difference in changing the future of our Caribbean Youth

This holiday season we have an opportunity to truly impact our Caribbean. We can change the future of a youth with an idea, a teenager with a dream and a community with a plan.


Every dollar goes towards realising this target

TEN Habitat is a non-profit organisation and has built a reputation for developing programmes and initiatives which help realise the business dreams and innovative ideas of Caribbean entrepreneurs. We now want to take that knowledge, our resources and global network to help realise the dreams of a generation of disadvantaged youth.  We are supported by the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Union, now with your help all funds raised from this campaign go towards supporting at risk youth and realising the goals outlined. We are about creating a real impact. We have been working with entrepreneurs and recognise the need for us to open up opportunities for all youth from much earlier. This helps us do that.

Anyone Can Help and Everyone Can have an Impact

At its core the 10,000 Strong campaign is all about opening up a world of opportunities for disadvantaged Caribbean youth. This is a movement we all have total control over.  So whether or not you can donate the targeted $100, together we can still make an impact in many other ways:

  • Donate what you can starting as low as $10.

  • Help us spread the word to as many you know who love the Caribbean and wish to help

  • Share this campaign on your social media to help us hit our goal

  • Offer to mentor a youth in our programme

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