The bootcamp is an intensive process staged over a 2-day period to expose founders to the rigors of starting a company and prep them for selection into our Hybrid Accelerator programme.

Teams register to work with mentors over the two days to focus on customer development and validating their ideas. On the final day, teams pitch their refined ideas and business solutions to receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts. At the end of the 2-day session, five of the most promising companies or ideas are accepted into our Hybrid Accelerator programme.


Startup Bootcamp applicants are placed into one of three categories for participation and evaluation:


Ideation: An individual or team with just an idea they are seeking to develop into a business


Start Up: An entity with a product or service with demonstrated market demand already in the process of building out as a business


Existing Company: A business already in operation for more than 2 years  with a sales history